The Firm

Our Beginning

OneSource Advisors, LLC was founded by John Scambray and Chad Frazier. OneSource Health & Wealth Management, a registered investment and 401(K) advisory firm along with Health Wealth Insurance Services, a CA insurance agency were established by John Scambray and Chad Frazier in March of 2015.

We first established OneSource Advisors, LLC to address the needs of small to mid-sized businesses, giving employers and their employees access to attractive rates and plans from carriers typically only given to large organizations.

After helping hundreds of business groups, and thousands of employees with their benefits and insurance needs, we recognized that our clients needed broader financial planning and asset management solutions that worked in conjunction with their core benefits.

Our Passion

Helping our clients with customized benefit, investment and insurance solutions utilizing a cash flow based financial planning approach.Creating exclusive financial strategies for businesses, employers, individuals and families to meet or exceed their goals and objectives, before and during retirement.